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Nonstandard Auto Insurance in Chicago

man driving a car wearing wrist watchNonstandard auto insurance is a specialized solution for individuals facing challenges securing coverage in the conventional insurance market. Understanding the nuances of nonstandard auto insurance is crucial as it involves considerations beyond typical policies and may be offered by specialized carriers.

What Is Nonstandard Auto Insurance?

Nonstandard auto insurance refers to insurance coverage provided to individuals considered high risk by traditional insurance companies due to factors such as poor driving records, previous accidents, traffic violations or a lack of prior insurance coverage. These individuals may have difficulty obtaining coverage from standard insurance companies and may face significantly higher premiums.

Nonstandard auto insurance policies typically offer basic coverage options but may have higher premiums and stricter terms and conditions than standard policies. These policies are designed to provide coverage to drivers who may not qualify for standard insurance but still need to meet legal requirements for automobile insurance.

Nonstandard auto insurance is sometimes referred to as high-risk or specialty auto insurance. It serves as a solution for individuals who may have trouble obtaining coverage through traditional insurance channels.

How Much Does Nonstandard Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost of nonstandard auto insurance can vary widely depending on several factors, including the driver’s risk profile, driving history, location, type of vehicle and coverage needs. Generally, nonstandard auto insurance tends to be more expensive than standard insurance due to the higher risk of insuring drivers with a history of accidents, traffic violations or poor credit scores. Premiums for nonstandard policies are typically higher to offset the increased likelihood of claims.

The exact cost can be determined only by obtaining quotes from insurance providers, as rates can vary significantly between companies. Factors such as discounts, coverage limits and deductibles can also influence the final cost of nonstandard auto insurance.

Where to Get Nonstandard Auto Insurance

Contact Universal Insurance Services to discuss nonstandard auto insurance. We can help you determine if it is the right choice for your situation.