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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an essential financial product designed to provide financial protection in an accident or after theft or other damages. It is a safety net designed to help ensure that financial responsibilities are met without burdening the insured with overwhelming costs. Contact Universal Insurance Services today for a personalized auto insurance quote.

How Auto Insurance Works

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, you pay a premium in exchange for protection against specific financial losses outlined in the policy. This agreement between you and the insurance provider stipulates the terms under which the insurer may help cover costs associated with the following:

  • Vehicle repairs or replacement due to accidents or theft
  • Medical expenses for accident-related injuries
  • Liability claims in an accident-causing injury or property damage to others

Insurance policies vary widely, with different types of coverage addressing various risks. It’s essential to understand the details of your policy—what it does and doesn’t cover—to ensure you have the appropriate level of protection.

Where to Get Car Insurance

Universal Insurance Services in Chicago, Illinois, can help Illinois drivers get appropriate car insurance coverage. Contact us today to start comparing auto insurance quotes.